Cheek implants

Many women who want a face with a jaw and cheekbones are somewhat prominent. For those of you who have lost the shape density of their cheeks as a result of aging plastic surgery in Utah, premature easing on the cheeks, or having flat cheekbones, then a cheek implant may be a solution to rebuild your self-esteem. Visit Bitner Facial Plastic Surgery, a plastic surgery in Utah and get the results that you want.

This procedure involves placing an implant placed near the cheekbone for an ideal look or in the middle of the cheek to get the lost volume. In addition, it can also perform techniques with reduction of cheekbones (Zygoma or Cheek Bone Reduction) is to create a prominent cheekbone so that the face looks “wide”.

But for those of you who have a round face shape (copper), Buccal Fat Removal method is usually done to remove cheek fat, so that cheekbones seem more prominent (V-shaped face). Should not do this procedure if you have a skin that is too loose. This condition is better handled by Facelift.