Health Food For Baby Must Be Organic, Really?

Parents of course often read information about various healthy food suggestions for babies, not to mention that comes from organic materials organic baby food. There are several reasons for the choice of organic baby food, although it does not mean that the nutritional content is better than conventional foods. Organic food is increasingly becoming an option because it does not use synthetic fertilisers or pesticides for growth. Until now, pesticides are still widely used by farmers to protect crops from a variety of fungi, insects, and diseases. Unfortunately, pesticides can leave residues on food products.

A study that still requires further research shows, the nutritional content of organic food is not much different. Meanwhile, another study conducted on children who consume organic food appears to have a very low level of pesticides in the urine. Baby food is recommended from organic ingredients because the immune system or baby’s immune system is not perfect, so more risk of exposure to pesticides than adults.