Type of Pipe Threads You Need to Know

When it comes to pipe threading machines, there are several different types that can also make different types of pipe threads Pipe Threader hire . Thus, if you are looking for a Pipe Threader hire, then, it is better for you to know the type of the threads that you want so that you will be able to choose the right machine. One of the types of pipe threads is BSPP Connections.

Parallel thread type is BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel Thread), and also called BSPF / BSPM (British Standard Pipe Fitting / British Standard Pipe Mechanical Thread). Denote by letter G.

BSPP is the most commonly used thread type. This type is a parallel screw fitting, which has a constant diameter, and uses a seal ring to lock it (Sealing). Bonded ring seals are installed between the backs of male fitting and female fitting and clamping faces. BSPP pressure gauge has a longer male thread and uses a ring to compress the base of male fitting and base of female BSPP hole making pressure tight seal. No need for Thread Sealant to create seals on BSPP.