Can Miss V Back Meeting If Old Unrelated Intimate?

Getting a miss v back after a few times intercourse is every woman’s dream. Various ways are done. Starting from taking natural drugs to limit sex with him. But, is it true that fasting is one way to close v? In women with normal conditions-not breastfeeding, newborns, or menopause -making miss v is unnecessary. Because miss v has a very elastic muscle. Miss v by itself will return as before after having sex. In fact, after giving birth, miss v will still return to its original form. It’s just, takes a longer time, ie for about 6 months. So, is it true that fasting is one way to close the miss v? The answer, not really. The most powerful way is to use the v tight gel, according to the v tight gel reviews. This product can certainly restore your harmony and your partner, which makes your vagina will return to normal or return to its original size. So you and your partner will get satisfaction when having sex.

If you have not had sex for a long time then feel sick when starting intercourse, the cause is not a narrower vagina after a long rest, but because of lack of foreplay before entering intercourse. Fasting intercourse is not a determinant of the density of miss v because basically, the vagina will return to its original form, even in the normal frequency of sexual intercourse. Then, whether by more frequent sex, our vagina will become laxer? No, the answer. The frequency of sexual intercourse did not affect the density of miss v. Indeed, there are only 2 things that affect the form of miss v significantly, namely childbirth and menopause. In childbirth the normal way, miss v you will definitely work hard to stretch and give way out the baby. In this way, the shape will change and loosen. Experts say, after giving birth, your vagina takes approximately 6 months to return to the shape and size of the origin. The second, menopause. When menopause, estrogen levels in your body will be much reduced that affects the elasticity of the vagina. When entering this period, your vaginal muscles will not be as smooth as before and make the vagina looser.